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EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofs are synthesised from rubber. EPDM has a lot of benefits to offer. First, it is very easy to maintain, long-lasting, does not break, and you can walk on it at any time of the year. This roofing material is quite expensive, although it makes up for it in quality. It is also a suitable material for flat roofs.

EPDM is Eco-friendly

This roofing material is manufactured using recycled materials, which helps keep the environment cleaner and safer. BBA has certified EPDM as a roofing material. So, if you plan on using this material, you know that it is of high quality. It is also easy to make repairs in case of damages.

GRP Fibreglass

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. This material is made of polyester resin and glass fibres combined together to form a unique laminate. One reason why this roofing material has become so popular is that it is both a strong material and it is light such that it does not add strain to the house structure due to extra weight.


GRP Roofing is mostly preferred for both durability and strength. For it to serve you best, you need to follow installations guidelines. Alternatively, you can hire a professional roofing expert to install the roofing system; your roof will serve you well and remain properly installed for a long period of time when installed by a qualified roofer.


GRP is eco-friendly and lightweight. You will find that in some instances, some roofing materials can be too heavy for the building. GRP offers a lightweight alternative. Due to its featherweight nature, it is suitable for use in creating complex roof shapes.

Not Jointed

During installation, the roofing material comes in liquid form. The technique used to install GRP roofing is in such a manner that there are no joints left upon installation. This feature gives GRP roofing a seamless appeal and a smooth finish.


The nature of materials used in the making of GRP roofs makes it incredibly easy to repair such roofs. Also, the roof is tough and durable, so you do not need to do repairs so often.

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