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How Much Does PVC Fascia Cost

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  • 05-07-2023
How Much Does PVC Fascia Cost

How much does PVC fascia cost? Get insights into pricing factors for PVC fascia board installation. Learn about material quality, sizes, and labour expenses that influence the overall cost. Make informed decisions on your home improvement project by understanding the range of PVC fascia prices and finding the best value for your budget.

What are soffit and fascia boards?

Soffit and fascia boards are integral parts of a house's structure, offering both functional benefits and aesthetic appeal. The fascia is a straight board that runs along the lower edge of the roof.

Attached to the rafters' exposed ends or the top of exterior walls, fascias provide a smooth, uniform appearance to the roofline and act as a sturdy support for gutters. They help protect the roof and house interior from weather elements, thereby reducing potential damage.

On the other hand, the soffit is a flat board tucked under the fascia at a right angle. It bridges the gap between the house siding and the roof edge, especially where the roof doesn't meet the property's exterior walls. Soffits contribute to a polished look by hiding the roof's underside and protecting the roof and attic by sealing off the space.

They often feature ventilation slits or holes, allowing essential airflow into the attic to prevent condensation and reduce the risk of roof structure decay. In essence, fascias and soffits play vital roles in safeguarding the home, underscoring the importance of their proper maintenance and timely replacement.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Fascias and Soffits?

Assessing the costs for replacing fascias and soffits is essential when considering such home refurbishments. The average cost for replacements stands at £100 per square metre, or £50 per square metre to cover existing fascia boards.

The actual cost and timeframe depend largely on your home's size and type. Bungalows generally require £1,000 to £1,200 for fascias and soffits replacement, taking around 1-2 days. Terraced houses, a bit larger, tend to cost between £1,200 to £1,500, taking 1-3 days. 

Semi-detached houses, with more complex roofs, are pricier, with costs ranging from £1,700 to £2,000 over 2-3 days. Finally, detached houses, the most significant, can expect costs between £2,600 to £3,000, with the job taking 3-5 days.

Keep in mind, these costs and times are estimates and may vary. Factors like the chosen materials and the need for scaffolding can influence the final price. Opting for quality materials and professional installation is advisable for durable fascias and soffits.

What Affects the Cost of Replacing Fascias and Soffits?

Replacing fascias and soffits is an essential aspect of home maintenance, and understanding the cost factors involved is crucial to planning such a project. Here, we explore the various elements influencing these costs in more depth.

The Size of Your Home

Firstly, the size of your home is a primary determinant of the replacement cost. Larger homes require more materials and necessitate more labour hours, leading to an increase in the overall price.

This means that a more spacious home like a detached house will inherently have higher costs associated with fascia and soffit replacement compared to smaller abodes like bungalows or terraced houses.

Of course, the actual costs can vary, and a professional tradesperson will provide a more precise estimate based on your home's specifics.

How Much Does PVC Fascia Cost? UPVC Fascia Installation Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester


Material selection plays a significant role in the cost of replacing fascias and soffits. The most cost-effective material is usually uPVC, with prices ranging from £5 to £15 per metre.

This material is popular due to its durability, ease of installation, and low maintenance. At the other end of the spectrum, planed timber is a more expensive choice, costing between £100 to £180 per metre.

Timber fascias and soffits, especially those made from hardwoods like oak, cedar, and teak, add a classic touch to your home's exterior but come at a premium and require more upkeep.

In between, we have materials like aluminium and galvanised steel. Aluminium costs between £25 to £60 per metre, whereas galvanised steel ranges from £12 to £20 per metre. Both materials are robust and resistant to weathering, with aluminium offering the added benefit of being lightweight.

When choosing materials, it's worthwhile to consider not only the upfront costs but also the long-term value, as factors like durability, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic appeal can impact the overall worth.

Width, Colour and Design

The size of your fascias and soffits, specifically their width, will affect the cost. Wider boards demand more material and therefore result in higher expenses. Colour is another factor that can alter your final bill.

For instance, white uPVC is the most affordable choice, while coloured options such as anthracite grey, black, green, blue, or red can be up to three times more expensive. This is due to the additional processing and treatments required to achieve these colours.

Width, Colour And Design - UPVC Fascia Installation Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester

Furthermore, the design of your fascias and soffits can influence costs. Simple, square-edged designs are usually the most affordable. In contrast, decorative fascias featuring intricate shapes such as ogee, bullnose, or scalloped designs often carry a higher cost due to the added complexity of their manufacture and installation.

Scaffolding - UPVC Fascia Installation Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester


While not always a necessity, scaffolding is often preferred by tradespeople for safety reasons, especially for homes with more than one storey.

Scaffolding hire can add between £500 to £1,300 per week to your costs, depending on the height required and the size of your home.

Waste Removal

Typically, waste removal is included in the overall quote for the job. However, if it isn't, you'll need to factor in the cost of disposing of the old fascias and soffits yourself or arranging for a licensed waste carrier.

It's essential to clarify what's included in your quote upfront to avoid any unexpected costs down the line.

Waste Removal - UPVC Fascia Installation Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester

When to replace soffits and fascia boards

Soffits and fascias, once properly installed, can easily be overlooked. Yet, they fulfil a crucial role in protecting your property from water damage. 

As a responsible homeowner, it's essential to monitor the condition of these components to maintain the integrity of your home's exterior. It's advisable to inspect your gutters, soffits, and fascias biannually.

If on inspection, you observe any changes in the robustness of the roofline boards, it may suggest a need for repair. Key indicators of deterioration include rotting wood, cracks, the presence of mould or fungus, and sagging soffits. Paint chips are another sign to watch for; while the aesthetic concern is obvious, paint also serves as a moisture barrier. A missing board is a clear indication that immediate attention is required.

Fascia and soffit replacement are particularly recommended for owners of older properties where these elements are still composed of wood, as opposed to more durable and modern materials like uPVC or aluminium. Replacing aged, wooden fixtures can greatly enhance your home's resilience against the elements.

How Long Does It Take to Replace Soffits & Fascias?

Replacing soffits and fascias varies in duration based on your home's size, access ease, and chosen materials. Terrace houses typically require 1-2 days, while semi-detached homes need 2-3 days. Small detached houses can take 3-4 days, whereas medium detached homes require 4-5 days.

For large detached houses, expect the process to take 5 days or more. Replacements on garages usually take less than a day, and for porches, the work can be completed in 2-4 hours. These durations are approximations and can change based on specific project factors.

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