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The felt flat roof is installed by first laying a base material (carrier) over the roof decking, and then a waterproof material layer is then applied onto the roof. For good roofing felt, the material used must be flexible and durable; this helps prevent tearing and shrinking of the material caused by a change in weather conditions.

If the material used is not durable and flexible, it can damage property and cost money to repair the roof. We always recommend seeking professional assistance when it comes to installing and repairing the flat roof. It's also essential to choose a company that provides professional advice on suitable roofing techniques and material for your property.

Felt flat roofs are usually used in small structures such as extensions and garages. The roofs are also fast to install since they follow straightforward methods of installation. The roofs are also easy to repair and cost-effective.

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Why Choose Felt Roofing? 

When considering whether choosing felt roofing is the best choice or not compared to other types of flat roofing options that are currently available, there are a few advantages, including:

High Durability

The high durability of a felt roof cannot be overlooked. This is because it is very flexible, waterproof with no seems to leak through, and its resistance to damage caused by sunlight is good too. These factors may all mean it is effective and can last for many years if regular maintenance is done.

Affordable Price

Due to how easy a felt roof is to install, it is one of the most affordable solutions for flat roofing projects. Also, the materials used for the felt roofing are relatively cheap compared to some other materials, which also assist, making it more cost-effective. 

Long Lifespan

Felt roofs allows you to extend the lifespan of your roof up to 30 years, if not more, depending on the installation process and the roofers who install the felt roof. The quality and types of materials which the felt roof is made out of allowing the lifespan to be extended more than other roofs. If the roofing installation is good and maintenance/roof repairs are regularly gone, it can increase the lifespan.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of the felt roofing is straightforward, and any repairs that need to be made can be done quickly. Also, any repairs or standard maintenance that need to be done on the roof, such as covering over any holes or damages with new sheets, will blend well with the existing roof and not affect its appearance, lifespan or durability in this process. Without the roofing work, the lifespan would not be as long as when you are doing maintenance. 

Why Choose Felt Roofing

There is a range of flat roofing types that can be used instead of the traditional felt roofing, which is commonly used; however, these options are generally not as good in most instances in cost and effectiveness. Options like EDPM rubber roofing are also good when it comes to cost, effectiveness and lifespan. Other options include things like bitumen/asphalt roofs which don't last as long compared to the other two options with only 20 years with good conditions.

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How long does a felt flat roof last?

We use a three layer system for our felt flat roof installations. Our three layer system includes carrier, base and mineral cap sheet layers. All our roofs come with a 10 year guarantee, with a life expectancy of 20-30 years.

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