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Maintenance of a slate or tiled roof

The roof should be checked at least twice in the year. If slates or tiles are missing or have slipped from their original position, they should be restored at the earliest. This ensures that there is no damage to the plastered ceiling or roof made from timber.

Tingles, which are copper wires, can be used for fixing the smaller slates. Nails or pegs can be used to fix the heavier slates made from stone. Tiles which have become loose are re-fixed to the wooden strips, laths of batten using the nibs or pegs on the tiles.

The lifespan of different kinds of roofs

If properly maintained, the lifespan of roofs made from copper, slate and tile can be as much as fifty years. Homes with roofs which use wooden shakes are expected to last for thirty years.

According to the NAHB, roofing made from shingles of fibre cement has a typical lifespan of 25 years, and composition roofs or asphalt shingle roofs may last for twenty years. Adverse climatic conditions like hurricanes, hail and snow, and similar weather can reduce the lifespan of all these roof types.

How to find out if a roof needs to be replaced?

Sometimes there may be no failure, yet the roof may not be in good condition, showing signs of wear and tear.

Yet if the worn-out roof is not replaced at the right time, the homeowner may face major problems later. Hence the homeowner should monitor the roof closely and make a provision so that there is plenty of time for replacing or repairing the roof.

Roof Replacement Indications

The tabs of the shingles are cupped, or edges are curled, or shingles are cracked.

The roof was installed more than twenty years ago; While the shingles manufactured at present are using the latest technology and are more durable, several factors like lack of ventilation can make the shingles degrade faster.

If the neighbours are getting new roofs; it could indicate that the home roof should also be replaced. Often the homes in the same area are constructed at around the same time and experienced similar weather conditions.

The roof deck has dark streaks, which are caused by algae. Though the algae may not damage the roof, they can adversely affect its appearance. A mixture of bleach and water in equal proportions can be used to remove the algae, by spraying the roof.

It is advisable to use a low-pressure garden hose, so that protective layer on the shingles is not washed away and also ensures that the landscaped garden and other areas are not damaged by the bleached water from the roof.

In cooler areas, with high moisture levels, and less sunlight, moss can grow on the roof surfaces. Moisture is retained in the moss, and when it freezes, it can damage the top shingle layer. Though the moss can be brushed away, the user should take precautions to ensure that it does not cause any kind of damage. The moss may also grow again, so professional help may be required from experts.

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