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Flat Roof replacement

Commercial property owners choose this roof due to the fact that it is less expensive; it is easy to install and has a longer lifespan. The reason for its long life expectancy is that EPDM roof is made of recycled materials and it is environmentally friendly.

EPDM stands for synthetic rubber, called: ethylene propylene diene monomer. Such material is known for its properties, including high resistance to extreme temperatures, to ozone and abrasion and to strong wind. The rubber withstands extreme weather conditions, such as massive snow, storm, hail and hurricane, providing extended protection to any property.

The earliest record of EPDM roof usage in the UK was 1962. It is a young roof that hadn't had the occasion to go through a time test, but by now, it has proven a higher average lifespan than other types of roof. At {company name} we provide our customers with a range of professional roofing services that include the installation and repair of EPDM roof.

The rubber roof is way more resilient in facing up to extreme weather hazards. It boasts other advantages, related to its scratch proof texture, lightweight structure and permanence of colour. EPDM has become increasingly popular among commercial flat roofs in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and on the entire British Island.

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EPDM Roofing

What is EPDM?

EPDM is a type of synthetic rubber that is used mainly in the construction and automotive industry due to its temperature flexibility and high resistance against ultraviolet radiation, ozone and long exposure to the atmosphere.

EPDM's applications range from window and door seals to electrical gaskets. Despite its excellent sealing abilities, this type of rubber is not as heat-resistant as its opponent, elastomer silicone rubber. EPDM proves worse resistance to extreme temperatures, being able to withstand only 130 (266).

What is the lifespan of the EPDM roof?

Studies show that the EPDM roof has the longest lifespan among roofing systems. Its life expectancy is estimated at 25-30 years, which is longer than the average lifespan of other roofs. Because of its long-lasting service, EPDM becomes increasingly popular in the US. Add its quick installation and low cost, and you will get a perfect choice for your roof.

Is EPDM waterproof?

EPDM proves excellent resistance to various chemical factors, like noxious emissions, bird faeces, and other natural and man-made chemical hazards. 

The membrane of the roof is waterproof and contains no heavy metals and halogens. In this way, you get an ecologically friendly roofing system that is easy to maintain and lasts many decades to come. 

The membrane of the roof gives no chance to water leakage. However, in case of an extreme weather hazard, when a leak appears, it takes little effort to repair it.

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